ADHD, Bipolar disorder and learning disabilites.
A parenting nightmare?

Children with ADHD, bipolar disorder, and learning disabilities are a challenge to raise. Believe me. I know! I am the parent of an ADHD, learning disabled, mood disordered 7th grader. I am also a masters degreed social worker who has worked in public education for 14 years and counting.

Everyday, I watch as my own child fumbles, stumbles and falls through life.

Every single day I have at least one moment where I question if I can keep going? Most days more than one moment!

Every single day I worry about what the future holds for him and how I can help make it better. Some days I doubt if I can make it better.

And every single day I watch other parents feeling the same way while watching their own children doing the same things.

If you have a child with

  • learning disabilities
  • bipolar disorder
  • depression or
  • other mental and emotional challenges,

then you probably struggle with getting him (or her) helpful educational and behavioral support.

I will provide you with information, understanding and support as you navigate being a parent, supporter and advocate for your child.

You will find information about working with schools, doctors and therapists. I will show you all your treatment options, both traditional and alternative.

Now, I cannot diagnose or prescribe treatment for your child. That is for the doctors or psychiatrists. But, I will offer you a place to investigate and learn so you can approach all who work in benefit of your child with confidence in your knowledge of what your child needs.

Maybe you find yourself here because others have suggested there are problems with your child? That can be a daunting and sometimes aggravating reality, what others think of our children. So even if your child does not yet have a formal diagnosis I can help.

I give you a place to start. Information and guidance. And then you decide if it is time to call in the professionals. And if so, you will be armed with enough knowledge to start the right conversations with the right people.

Welcome to ADHD-Bipolar-and-Beyond!!! At the very least, I hope you find yourself not feeling alone in your parenting journey as you wander through my site. At the most, I hope you leave with new information and a renewed sense of possibility.

Warm Regards,


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