Are the signs of ADHD (or other disorders) important and what do they mean?

Yes. The general answer to the question of importance is Yes.

You may see the signs of ADHD. You may see the signs of potentially other disorders. Your child may have a diagnosis. Or, he may appear to have a diagnosable condition but you just haven't gotten there yet. Here's my two cents on what it all means...

With the exception of an LD (learning disability) qualification, which is very specific and can help guide distinct educational services, I consider other common diagnoses to be nothing more than a description of behavior. It helps people understand or quantify the behaviors a child exhibits.

If you say, "Johnny has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder," most people can safely assume this means he is a busy, fidgety, distracted little boy. He has the signs of ADHD. "Mary is bipolar" might mean you understand her to be moody, temperamental or overly emotional. She has the signs of bipolar disorder. See what I mean?

So, if your child has been diagnosed but the idea makes you uncomfortable; understandable. If you have hesitated seeking help because you fear your child being "labeled"; also understandable. But stop being uncomfortable and afraid.

Whatever it is, it is just a word that helps describe your child, NOT doom you child. Plus, I'm guessing that if you are here, then you are looking for help. Help is good. Help is necessary. Help is what parents do best! At least it is when we have a place to look for guidance and support.

You might find some of the information on my site to be stuff you already know. That is great. It means you have already started your own educational journey. Hopefully, you will also find new information that is useful and helpful to you and your child (or children). At the very least, I hope you find yourself not feeling so alone anymore as you realize that there are a plethora of parents out there working through all this, just like you and me.

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