Alternative Treatment Options

Alternative treatments for ADHD, bipolar and learning disabilities come in several forms. You will find good, more mainstream, and cost effective options with a diet for ADHD program or ADHD supplement programs.

Both diet and supplements are good starting points for families who don't want to dive into the medication pool just yet. There is ever increasing research and personal stories regarding the success of such programs.

If you are particularly concerned about the side effects of medication, these other herbal and natural treatments can be a great place to start.

I will caution you that nothing I have found in the research indicates these as overnight remedies. Dietary interventions and supplement programs require the body to adjust, recalibrate itself in a more natural, likely slower fashion.

So, if you feel like you need immediate relief, medication might be your best option. You can always add diet changes, supplement programs and other treatments in an attempt to get off the medication.

If you have already attempted diet and/or supplements (successfully or not) or are simply interested in other options as well, you might like to learn about Neurofeedback for ADHD treatment and Physio-neuro therapy for LD and ADHD.

Neurofeedback can come in a variety of different programs. Just make sure you are working with someone skilled in understanding brainwaves, EEG, and the dynamics of all the different computer based services that are available.

Physio-neuro therapy is much less sophisticated in the technical sense. There are no computers or machines involved. However, it is still important that the practitioner have full training and understanding of how the brain functions and communicates within itself.

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