Traditional Medicine - The Doctors and Psychiatrists

Traditional treatment or traditional medicine for any childhood disorder involves medical treatment like doctors and psychiatrists and mental health services like social workers, therapists, and counselors. Depending on where you live, those last three are pretty similar.

Now, when someone says "traditional" to me, the first thing I assume is they are discussing medication. So I will assume the same about you. I figure if you are here, reading this page - then at the very least you are curious about the medication options.

I am not a doctor. I cannot tell you what medications are right for your child. I can only provide you with a list of traditional medicines your prescribing physician might consider. And in that information, I separate them out by diagnosis as much as is applicable.

Also, PLEASE understand that any medication considered must first follow a proper diagnosis. Stimulant medication can be very effective for ADHD/ADD. It is very bad for bipolar and mood disorders. Anti-depressants are great for clinical depression. Again, very bad for bipolar and mood disorders. Mood stabilizers are great for bipolar and mood disorders but ineffective for ADHD or depression.

A proper diagnosis is critical! I cannot stress that enough.

The other piece I believe to be included in the standard line of treatment is your mental health professional. And I, being one of those, am going to tell you what I think their role is based on my experience as both a social worker and a parent.

And I also will say that I wholeheartedly believe that if you have a child with a diagnosis and you are willing to consider medication intervention, then you absolutely must do so before expecting any therapist to work magic on him or her. For further explanation visit the therapy page.

In addition, one thing to consider when investigating anything that might fall in the category of therapy or mental health counseling would be specific modalities of treatment. There are too many to mention here but one such theory of practice that I do highlight is NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming.

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